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Environmental Resources and Policy

About the Program

The central focus of the Environmental Resources and Policy (ER&P) Ph.D. Program is advanced inter-disciplinary training and research on physical, biological, and social processes responsible for natural resource and environmental problems facing contemporary society.

Areas of Concentration

The Environmental Resources & Policy program features concentrations in Water Resources; Ecology; Climatology; Energy and Mineral Resources; Earth and Environmental Processes; Forestry, Agricultural and Rural Land Resources; Environmental Policy and Administration; and Geographic Information Systems and Environmental Modeling. View the concentrations>>


Find information about prerequisites, credit hour requirements, core curriculum for all concentrations (required courses), and curriculum for concentrations.


Every semester, the Applied Environmental Resources & Policy course (ERP-598) provides pre-candidacy students the opportunity to share their research with the campus community... more >>

 Admissions Information

Students will be admitted to the program on the basis of academic merit, statement of interest, and the availability of a willing Ph.D. advisor. Ph.D. students will be selected on a national and international competitive basis. Admissions will not be rationed by concentration... more >>

Candidacy and Dissertation

By the end of their second semester in residence, students must have chosen a concentration and formed a graduate committee to oversee their dissertation research... more >>

SIUE Cooperative PhD program

The graduate faculty of the SIUE and the SIUC Environmental Resources and Policy Program agree to cooperate in providing students the opportunity to pursue a Ph.D. in Environmental Resources and Policy... more >>

ER&P Student Handbook

The ERP Student Handbook is a printable document that outlines the ERP Program's requirements and guidelines.  The handbook also contains a checklist... more >>