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Environmental Resources and Policy

About the Program

The central focus of the Environmental Resources and Policy (ER&P) Ph.D. Program is advanced inter-disciplinary training and research on physical, biological, and social processes responsible for natural resource and environmental problems facing contemporary society.

Areas of Concentration

The Environmental Resources & Policy program features concentrations in Water Resources; Ecology; Climatology; Energy and Mineral Resources; Earth and Environmental Processes; Forestry, Agricultural and Rural Land Resources; Environmental Policy and Administration; and Geographic Information Systems and Environmental Modeling. View the concentrations>>


Find information about prerequisites, credit hour requirements, core curriculum for all concentrations (required courses), and curriculum for concentrations.

Admissions Information

Students will be admitted to the program on the basis of academic merit, statement of interest, and the availability of a willing Ph.D. advisor. Ph.D. students will be selected on a national and international competitive basis. Admissions will not be rationed by concentration... more >>

Candidacy and Dissertation

By the end of their second semester in residence, students must have chosen a concentration and formed a graduate committee to oversee their dissertation research... more >>

SIUE Cooperative PhD program

The graduate faculty of the SIUE and the SIUC Environmental Resources and Policy Program agree to cooperate in providing students the opportunity to pursue a Ph.D. in Environmental Resources and Policy... more >>

ER&P Student Handbook

The ERP Student Handbook is a printable document that outlines the ERP Program's requirements and guidelines.  The handbook also contains a checklist... more >>