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Admissions Information

Applicants are admitted to the program on the basis of academic merit, statement of interest, and letters of recommendation.  They must also have a SIUC faculty member that is willing to work with them before they will be admitted.  Ph.D. students will be selected on a national and international competitive basis. Admissions will not be rationed by concentration. 

Applicants must have a Masters degree or a J. D. Applicants with a Bachelors degree may be admitted conditionally upon completion of a Masters degree from one of the participating departments.

Admission and assistantships are distributed on a competitive basis based on meeting two of the three requirements below. Highly qualified applicants will be nominated for Doctoral Fellowships and Morris Fellowships. 

  1. a combined verbal and quantitative GRE score in at least the 50th percentile on the revised scale,
  2. a Master’s-level GPA of at least 3.0,
  3. three years of successful professional experience in the environmental/natural resources field.

Students must remain in good standing with a GPA of 3.0 or higher and be making good progress toward identification and completion of a dissertation project.

A non-waivable application fee of $65 must be submitted on-line with the application.  

Fall 2017 Syllabus Attachment

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