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Environmental Resources and Policy


Students must have at least three of the seven courses listed below to be admitted and must have five upon completion of the program. It is anticipated that most students will fulfill many of the prerequisites through their previous work at the undergraduate and Master's level and will have working facility with micro-computers. For those students without adequate background, identified courses are required to provide students with the background necessary to successfully participate in the program.

Prerequisites for all concentrations: SIU Course if Unfulfilled:
One course in statistics QUAN 506 or more advanced
One course in calculus MATH 150 or more advanced
One course in chemistry CHEM 200 or more advanced
One course in earth science GEOG 303I OR GEOL 478 or more advanced
One course in ecology BIOL 307 or more advanced
One course in resource economics ABE 440, FOR 411, GEOG 422, or more adv
One course in the U.S. env. law or policy GEOG 426, LAW 548, or more adv

Credit Hour Requirements

Core: 36 credits (including 24 in ERP600) 
Concentration: 24 credits minimum 
TOTAL: 60 credits