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Environmental Resources and Policy

Core Curriculum for all Concentrations

All new students must take the core curriculum courses the first semester they are offered.

The core curriculum consists of four courses (12 credit hours).  The primary course is ERP502-Environmental Decision-Making, which is taught by the ERP program director.  The second ERP course is a seminar course, ERP598-Applied Environmental Resources & Policy.  The other two required courses should include a methodology course and a science course, which should be chosen by the student after consultation with their advisor.  The ERP course descriptions and list of possible methodology and science courses are below.  The list is not meant to be comprehensive. 

ERP 502 -- Environmental Decision-Making (3)

The objective of the course is twofold. The first part of the class will be devoted to case studies of environmental decision making which use a variety of approaches to environmental policy. Topics to be covered include market-based environmental management versus regulatory approaches, climate change, conservation and floodplain management policy. The second part of the class will focus on the challenges of interdisciplinary communication and collaboration, methodological research issues and the role of integrated modeling. We will consider different issues such as qualitative and quantitative evidence, validation, and the role of values and objectivity in the scientific process.

ERP 598 -- Applied Environmental Resources and Policy (1 credit each year in residence)

Invited speakers from federal, state, or local agencies; nongovernmental organizations; academic institutions; and Environmental Resources and Policy faculty will present case studies on the conduct of environmental research, the development of environmental laws and regulation, and the implementation of environmental policies. Additionally, students will present their dissertation proposals and dissertations.

Methodology courses (examples only)
ECON 567a             Econometrics
QUAN 506 or 507     Inferential Statistics
GEOG 512               Applied Statistics in Geography 
GEOL 513                Data Analysis in Earth Sciences
SOC 512                  Social Research Methods and Design
ZOOL 557                Biostatistics

Science Courses (examples only)
FOR 508               Historical Ecology
FOR 531               Disturbance Ecology
GEOG 534            Water Resources Hydrology
GEOG 536            Natural Hazards
GEOL 524            Sedimentary Geology
PLB 443               Restoration Ecology
PLB/ZOOL 444    Community Ecology and Analysis
PLB/ZOOL 445    Wetland Ecology and Management
PLB 545               Ecosystem Ecology
ZOOL 411            Environmental Risk Assessment
ZOOL 521            Stream Ecology
ZOOL 569            Advanced Fisheries Management